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in the kitchen with will hollingsworth

Spiked Carolina Tea

"I’m perennially dyspeptic, both in my disposition and physiologically. So, what I drink at home tends to be for the purpose of settling my stomach and cooling my blood. As such, I drink a lot of Johnnie Walker Black on the rocks. But when I’m playing host, the house cocktail is a bonded bourbon and good Carolina mint tea." —Will Hollingsworth, Spotted Owl

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in the kitchen with will hollingsworth

Spiked Carolina Tea

in the kitchen with Will Hollingsworth


Carolina Tea

Mentholated Amaro

100 Proof Bourbon



1. Select bonded bourbon or anything 100 proof like Heaven Hill White Label.

2. Mix a good Carolina mint tea—steep 2 teabags into a quart of hot water for about 3 hours, until it cools completely. Then, pour tea into a 2 quart pitcher and store in fridge.

3. When ready to serve, pour tea into a glass over ice and top with a tablespoon of mentholated amaro.

Tip! Fernet Branca is great for this. For a sweeter tea, use Branca Menta or St. Agrestis from New York.

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