in the kitchen with heidi robb


"A refreshing, chilled summer soup/salad from my family’s Bessarabian roots. There are many versions of Okroshka: some made with a base of kvass, others garnished with chopped hardboiled egg, and sliced or diced boiled potato. I’m crazy about the grain-like flavor and texture of buckwheat, which I include in my personalized version." —Heidi Robb, Food Stylist

To thank Heidi for sharing her time, BurkleHagen has donated $100 to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank—we’d love you to do the same.


2 cups plain kefir
1 cup buckwheat kasha, cooked
1 heaping cup mixed herb salad
1 bunch radishes, sliced thin
1 bunch chives or scallions, minced
1 garlic clove, halved
1 diced cucumber
chilled sparkling water
fresh lemon juice
sea salt + black pepper
olive oil


1. Mash the garlic with a good pinch of salt until smooth.

2. Pour kefir into a large bowl and whisk in mashed garlic. Cover and refrigerate for at least two hours or overnight.

3. Before serving, whisk in sparkling water until you have a nice, smooth soup consistency. You want it to have a bit of spritz!

4. Stir in cucumber, radishes and chives; season to taste with sea salt and lemon juice.

5. Garnish with spoonfuls of kasha, herb salad, drizzles of olive oil and grindings of black pepper.

Herb Salad
Heidi’s version includes snipped dill, chopped cilantro, chopped tarragon and torn mint.