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Our Space

BurkleHagen occupies a renovated 6,000 square foot studio warehouse space in the heart of Midtown, Cleveland. 

What was once a 100-year old milk factory in beautiful Cleveland, Ohio, is now a fully renovated 6,000 sq/ft daylight loft with the best skyline view in the city. In addition to being an optimal space for Burklehagen’s craft, it was designed with the client’s comfort in mind. The naturally lit, open floor plan features a lounge area, a conference room, and even swings. Yes, swings. So clients can relax, work, or collaborate in a peaceful setting. 

The studio has a 1, 000 square foot mirrored double kitchen that includes a chef prep area, a pantry, 4 ovens, 2 ranges, 2 sinks, 2 dishwashers, 125 cubic ft of refrigeration and much more. Plus, with a fully stocked 400 sq/ft prop room, all set styling is customizable to the clients needs. Finally, everything is captured on the latest Apple iMacs using our state of the art studio lighting equipment. Oh, and there’s a mini-bar. Cheers.

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